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With a background in psychology and a passion for well-being, we are in the perfect position to help your organisation or business achieve the balance between employee wellbeing and performance.  The psychological wellbeing of staff is at the heart of what we do.  We provide a range of services that can help employees to perform, develop, flourish and grow, reaching their full potential and finding meaning and engagement in their roles.  Our associates have expertise in coaching, performance psychology, occupational psychology, clinical psychology and workplace health and wellbeing.   We provide services in several core areas:

Coaching services

Whatever your coaching needs, we can help you to deliver a service that is designed to help your colleagues and employees to perform, develop, flourish and grow in their roles.  Our services range from delivering coaching sessions, to helping you to set up your own, self sufficient internal coaching network, delivering coach training and CPD, and offering supervision to coaches.

Workplace wellbeing

We can help to identify barriers that may be stopping employees from functioning effectively, and design specific interventions to help with these problems.  We can also identify any mental health difficulties that employees may be experiencing and work out the best solution.  We offer in-house psychological therapy for employees experiencing difficulties. This can be tailored to each workplace and individual employees but can involve regular therapy from a designated space within the office or can take the form of practice therapy that employers can refer their employees to.  We can also provide more general advise on existing workplace wellbeing policies, and facilitate the development of workplace wellbeing initiatives for those who don't yet have one.  

Staff development training

We offer a range of staff development training workshops, all rooted in psychology, that can help your colleagues and employees to improve performance, develop flourish and grow.  These can be tailored to the needs of each workplace in terms of length and content but examples include managing stress, anxiety or depression, self and time management, effective communication, managing conflict, work/life balance.  We're happy to discuss your requirements.  These workshops are a great way help people function to their full capacity, and improve psychological wellbeing.

Talent assessment

With expertise in psychometrics, assessment centres and HR, we can provide a complete service from job analysis and design, writing job descriptions and person specifications, developing application materials, designing and delivering assessment centres including use of psychometric tools.  We can also help you to design and deliver an effective on-boarding programme.  This will help to ensure that you identify, recruit and retain people that can not only excel in their role, but will embrace and maintain your organisational culture.

Organisational culture and leadership development

Let us help you to develop your vision of an ideal organisational culture.  We can then identify and assess the current culture from the perspective of the management structure and employees, and then help you to develop and truly bring about lasting change in new ways of thinking and working.  This includes ovecoming resistance and helping employees to embrace change.   

Our leadership development programme focusses on unpacking the vision, strategy and culture of the organisation, increasing self awareness of relevant skills, attitudues, values and behaviours, recognising the impact of these factors on themselves and others, developing their own leadership style, and creating a developmental action plan.  This is facilitated through workshops, psychometrics and coaching support.

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